Eat & drink with us

"At The Rex, we are committed to supporting the work of small food producers and value the entire production chain, from farm to table. We believe in slowing down the pace and allowing produce to grow naturally, promoting both the environment and healthier nutrition. Our menu is constantly evolving to reflect the seasonal offerings of nature, and we invite you to join us for a delicious and nourishing meal."

summer garden

With our summer garden, "Gartenkraut," we showcase how carefully selected products, wild herbs from surrounding forests, and natural wines come together to create the perfect aperitif or dinner experience.

wood grill restaurant
Stockhorn by the rex

In our wood grill restaurant we focus on acquiring the best produce and staying as close to home as possible...

cocktail bar
wood & fire bar

A cocktail bar with fireplace, experience various signature cocktails created by our talented barkeeper...

sourdough bakery

We bake our own bread for us and locals, Sourdough requires care, it takes time to develop....

a wine bar
weinzeit - closed until December

A new wine bar in Zermatt for cozy evenings  with an amazing selection of natural wines & charcuterie for maximal taste...

local and homemade

The selected breakfast offering showcases the care of surrounding farmers and our bakers put into creating their produce...