A new wine bar in Zermatt, cozy evenings downstairs of the buzzing restaurant Stockhorn by the rex. Amazing selection of natural wines for maximal taste.


A glass of wine?

"Nothing added, nothing taken away"

Wines naturally produced

Focusing on natural wines is a philosophical choice for us that allows us to rediscover the true expression of the terroir.

These wines are made from grapes grown without the use of weedkillers, pesticides, fertilizers, or other synthetic products. The harvest is done by hand and during vinification, the winemaker strives to maintain the living character of the wine. We are proud to support small winemakers and their efforts in producing exceptional wines. Come and taste the difference for yourself with our collection of over 80 natural wines."

Small Bites

At our wine bar, we offer a light menu featuring a range of salumi and other small bites. Our produce ranges from "Pata Blanca" and "Pata Negra" from the Alcala brothers, who are carrying on their father's legacy in Switzerland, to more classical Swiss dried beef.

Taste, enjoy & learn

In our wine bar your experience is paramount, our wine bar manager is highly knowledgable in various wines and makes sure we find the perfect glass of wine for you, or even better the whole bottle!

From the most caring producers directly to you...

Weekly  Event
Winter 23/24

Friday & Saturday

Taste 4 Glasses (1dl)

28 CHF

Taste 5 Half-Glasses (0.5dl)

20 CHF

"Two days a week I will share with you our interpretation of the Swiss landscapes: From the lowlands to rivers, lakes, forests and mountains. Each dish represents a different area and altitude around Zermatt. We focus on the best products and the most interesting combinations and are sure to surprise you."

105CHF per Person

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Where to find us?

Open Wednesday to Sunday
18:15 - late
Downstairs at the Restaurant Stockhorn by the rex
Riedstrasse 11, Zermatt