morning breakfast

the perfect start into your day
the produce

We care about your food! We focus on choosing primarily organic products on our breakfast buffet and prefer to support the local farmer's offering over mass produce. It is important to us to maintain maintain a close relationship with our suppliers to understand their philosophy of the creation of their food. You can expect Kaffee from beans which were roasted beneath the Matterhorn, Yoghurt which was fermented three chalets away from the rex, honey from a bee hive a bit further down the valley...

homemade sourdough bread

Freshly baked bread every morning from our sourdough bakery. We take pride in our in-house baked sourdough, lovingly crafted by our skilled bakers using traditional methods. Each morning, our guests savor the warm, crusty slices that are a perfect accompaniment to our delectable breakfast spread. Packed with natural probiotics and fermented goodness, this wholesome bread supports a healthy digestive system, leaving you feeling nourished and energized for your mountain adventures.