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Stockhorn by the rex

100% Cook at Stockhorn by the rex

At the Stockhorn by the rex we specialize in cooking over an open wood fire. Our focus is on the enjoyment of quality products that promote biodiversity and the region,  and comply with our slow-food philosophy at the rex. Through a seasonal menu, we support the sustainable development of the region. The restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere and an authentic restaurant experience in the mountains.

Who you are

You are a person with a positive attitude and are a dedicated, knowledgeable cook with with a minimum of 3 years experience. Your passion is food and produce and you have the curiosity to further develop your knowledge and skills. Besides your interest you show strong organizational skills and focus on quality control and consistency.

What you do

•Preparing by assembling, combining, and cooking ingredients; and maintaining a sanitary kitchen

•Participates in and/or contributes to programs or projects designed to improve guest experience

•Completes cleaning according to daily and weekly schedules and dishwashing/pot washing if needed.

•Prepares ingredients by following recipes; slicing, cutting, chopping, mincing, stirring, whipping, and mixing ingredients; adding seasonings; verifying taste

•Meeting our high standards in food handling and preparation

•Adheres to proper food handling, sanitation, and safety procedures; maintains Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) logs, and maintains appropriate dating, labeling, and rotation of all food items

Who we are:

  • A supportive team interested in hearing your ideas and thoughts
  • We treat people with respect, especially in stressful situations during the service
  • Our priority is to give our guests a unique experience
  • We attach great importance to where our products come from and who is behind the creation of them

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