Your Room

General Information


Hotel Rex Public (No password or login required)

Safe Operating Instructions

New Code/First Time

1. Place items inside safe

2. Enter your desired 4 digit PIN

3. Click "B" to confirm

4. Lock (Rotate the Knob anti-clockwise)

Every Day Unlock Process

1. Enter the 4 digit Pin

2. Click "B" to confirm

3.Turn the safe's knob clockwise

Should you have any technical issues, please let us know.



Soft Drinks & Waters

Soft Drinks & Waters are inclusive in the room rate and will be refilled once a day. You can find complimentary tea bags on your desk.

All other items

- Fleury Champagne 65Chf

- Kolonne Null (Non-Alcoholic Champagne) 36Chf

- Beers 6Chf

- Pinot Gris (Cru de l'hopital) 36Chf